Each piece is made with care, either wheel-thrown or hand built. Due to the human element of the process as well as the nature of kiln firing, slight variations in glaze and shape are to be expected (and hopefully appreciated). 


Are these pieces food safe?

Yes! Please eat and drink from them! 


What's the best way to take care of my ceramics?

All pieces are dishwasher safe but I recommend hand-washing when possible. 


How does shipping work?

I ship all orders via USPS. I try to reuse packaging whenever possible, so when your box arrives, it may not be pretty but I promise there is something good on the inside. 


Are you accepting commissions and or wholesale orders? 

Send me a message on the contact page and I will let you know what's possible! 


I want to return/refund my piece. 

Unfortunately I can't accept refund or returns, unless it's because your piece arrives broken, in which case please contact me. 


My piece arrived broken - what do I do?

I'm so sorry, this happens from time to time even though I do my best to pack things safely. Please contact me and I will arrange a refund or make you a replacement piece if possible.